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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 5, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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"nightly news" up next. see you at 6:00. tonight, breaking news. a plane crashes into the parking lot of a busy shopping center in los angeles killing five people. the terrifying and confusing moments in venezuela playing out on live tv. was it an assassination attempt by drone on the president? the battlegainst the biggest wildfire of the season, an explosive monster that has consumed hundreds of thousands of acres while devastating tornadoes sweep through two small towns. hope amid ruins of syria, training refugees from a long and brutal war to rebuild the broken treasures when there is peace. a warning about certain dog foods, how some could be harming your pet. why this mother is on a mission to provide others with potentially life saving help for their babies.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. good evening. kate is off tonight. i'm kristen welker. we begin with breaking news, a deadly plane crash in california, terrifying scenes playing out as a cessna falls from the sky and into a parking lot of a crowded shopping center. the flight path shows the plane took off from the san francisco areas just two hours before the crash. authorities say all five people on board are dead but they don't know yet what caused the disaster. our miguel almaguer has the late breaking details. >> reporter: this is the moment the small twin engine plane came down, a may day call cessna fell from the sky some two hours after takeoff. >> copy on-scene. one aircraft down in a parking lot. >> reporter: witnesses couldn't believe believe what was unfolding. >> [ bleep ] plane crash in the middle right here. parking lot.
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missed the buildings. it hit that car here. >> reporter: slamming into a busy strip mall parking lot during the middle of the lunch hour, all five passengers aboard were killed in the accident. firefighters discovered the tattered plane on its belly. witnesses say it plunged into a parked car but incredibly, nobody on the ground was injured. >> primary impact will be directly in the parking lot for the staples. we did not see any other damage to any of the commercial buildings. >> reporter: the staples parking lot in santa ana where the wreckage will soon be examined by the ntsb is just a mile and a half from orange county's john wayne airport. a stunned crowd gathering just yards from the wreckage. >> it's devastating to see everything, the plane, the debris. >> reporter: a crash that took five lives and could have killed more on the ground. the faa says the cessna had taken off
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from northern california before crashing in orange county. it's still unclear why the plane went down. the ntsb should arrive in santa ana later on this evening. kristen? >> miguel, thank you for that still developing and tragic story. now to venezuela, a country that for years has had a highly contentious relationship with the united states. so it was of great interest to the trump administration when a reported drone attack was captured on camera when that country's president, nicolas maduro, was speaking at a military ceremony. the country is increasingly on edge amid a political and economic crisis. the trump administration says it is tracking developments closely. and so is nbc's lucy kafan kafanov. >> reporter: venezuelan officials say this was the moment an assassinatiote venezuelan president maduro interrupted by a loud bang.
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body guards rush forward with ballistic blankets. they try to protect maduro with what venezuelan officials say were explosives, allegedly dropped by drones. maduro's soldiers scattered for cover. seven were injured. maduro later said this was an attempt to kill me. i have no doubt that everything points to the right. venezuelan officials say they detained six terrorists, adding the explosions were carried out. experts say the drones could be a new tool in a terrorist's arsenal. but firefighters on the scene disputed the building and not a drone. this local resident says everybody had doubts. nobody knew what happened. maduro suggested that u.s.-based opponents helped finance the attack, a claim national security adviser john bolt on denies.
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>> there is no u.s. involvement in this at all. >> reporter: maduro's deeply unpopular government has been rocked by violent protests, the economy crippled by soaring inflation. with opponents painting maduro as a ruthless strongman some are worried his regime will use the incident as an excuse for a political crackdown. lucy catch -- kafanov, nbc news. back in this country to the wildfire battle in california where more than a dozen fires continue to burn. the worst is another huge fire in the northern part of the state, in mendocino county. it's burned hundreds of thousands of acres and is threatening more than 15,000 structures. nbc's gadi schwartz has the latest. >> reporter: tonight the most critical fire fight in the nation, the fifth largest fire in state history destroying dozens of homes and creating firenados as a monster nearnado near redding is officially
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classified as one of the most powerful vortexes california has ever seen, winds clocking 143 miles per hour making it an f-3 tornado. >> i never have seen anything like it. >> reporter: redding police chief roger moore saw a firenado demolish his neighborhood. >> i was trying to evacuate some people and it was gigantic. it was lifting houses off foundations. >> reporter: his home of 20 years destroyed, one of the many first responders here to lose everything. this sheriff's deputy also lost his family home while helping others evacuate. >> i'm no different than anyone else. if anyone else had lost their apartment, they would have been doing the same thing. >> reporter: in redding, the firefighters are slowly gaining ground. the carr fire 40% contained. across the state more than a half a million acres scorched, nearly 2,000 homes lost and 9 people killed including 4 men fighting the fires. this weekend fallen hotshot brian hughes honored for his sacrifice. and despite the overwhelming loss and destruction, communities fear they
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haven't seen the worst. gadi schwartz, nbc news. >> communities that are still reeling. there are two devastating tornadoes which have left a pair of small towns reeling over the past two days. the first was in central canada's manitoba province. it swept homes from their foundations and killed a 77-year-old former school teacher. a team of investigators is surveying the area to learn how powerful that tornado was. the second tornado hrno one was killed but it downed trees and knocked out power for thousands of residents. several buildings were heavily damaged. more than 80 people are dead tonight following a magnitude 7 earthquake on a popular indonesian resort island near bali. legg leveling buildings and causing panic among residents and tourists. search and rescue operations are underway as are evacuations. this comes a week after a separate quake
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in the same region killed more than a dozen people. and now to tremors in the political world. president trump was back on twitter and on defense insisting that 2016 meeting at trump tower with his eldest son and a kremlin linked attorney was totally legal and offering his most definitive acknowledgment that the meeting was aimed at getting information on an opponent as he put it, a sharp contrast to the account mr. trump originally gave. nbc's kelly o'donnell takes a closer look. >> reporter: feeling the heat. >> it is 110 degrees in this crazy room. >> reporter: saturday night at a swelng president raised alarm over ongoing election interference. >> we have to stop meddling. we have to stop everybody from attacking us. there are a lot -- russia is there, china is there. >> reporter: by this morning he was runni a fever on twitter denying a news report as a complete fabrication, that i am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son donald had in trump tower.
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that june 2016 meeting included a kremlin-linked russian lawyer and lobbyist along with the president's son, son-in-law jared kushner and paul manafort. but today the president changed the story, dropping the earlier claim that russian adoption policy had been the focus. this was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal. he adds i did not know about it. for 16 months the special counsel has been examining russian interference and whether the trump campaign had involvement. this new tweet may draw further scrutiny. but today a lawyer for the president questioned whether the the trump jr. meeting crossed any red line. >> the question is what law, statute, rule or regulation has been violated? nobody has pointed to one. >> they pointed to several including conspiracy to defraud the united states. >> reporter: defending his eldest son and namesake and defending himself appeared to ignite the president's frustration, enough to
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make this claim about the media. they can also cause war. they are very dangerous and sick. top adviser kellyanne conway offered this explanation. >> he said it refers to those who aren't always telling the truth and giving emotion over information. >> the president's lawyer said he had no indication that donald trump jr. is considered a target for any potential criminal liability. the president's son-in-law received his security clearance after investigators were well aware of his attendance at that meeting. the president's lawyer said mr. trump wants to talk to the special counsel n t potential risks and no final decision has yet been made. kristen? >> it's shaping up to be another busy week in the political world. kelly o'donnell, thank you for that report. this was a particularly violent weekend in chicago. 34 people were shot,
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five fatally in what police say was five separate shooting incidents over the course of a 2 1/2 hour period. 25 people alone were shot. "the chicago tribune" reports that 12 victims shot were 17 years old or younger. it has been almost three weeks since a college student went missing from a small town in iowa. tonight there are new developments in that case. some of her personal items have been found and the reward for her return has increased. nbc's blake mccoy has more tonight. >> reporter: mollie tibbetts was supposed to return to the university of iowa in two weeks. her roommate preparing to move in without her. >> she just is so full of enthusiasm that when you are around her you can't help but be happy, as well. which was amazing as a roommate. >> reporter: today the reward for mollie's safe return jumped to $260,000 as donations pour in. the 20 year old last seen on her nightly run in tiny brooklyn, iowa 2 1/2 weeks ago. >> every day i feel mollie's presence with me. >> reporter: mollie's
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mother now telling nbc news police found her computer, wallet and driver's license at her boyfriend's house where she was staying. still not found, her iphone, fit bit and white ear buds convincing mollie's mom she was abducted. her boyfriend has been cleared. he was working a construction job 100 miles away. searches include a hog farm. near wayne cheney's home. he says he was questioned by authorities. >> i don't remember what they asked me. it was a waste of my time, i know that. >> reporter: with each passing day mollie's friends and loved ones hold out hope. >> i will never meet anyone like mollie ever again in my entire life. everybody wants to find mollie. >> reporter: blake mccoy, nbc news. syria's 7-year-old civil war has left hundreds of thousands dead and huge parts of the country in ruins. now, even as the war rages on, syrians of all walks of life are turning towards an
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ancient trade craft and with a little help are starting to rebuild. nbc's bill neely reports from neighboring jordan. >> reporter: bit by bit the rebuilding of syria has begun. these are refugees dreaming of a future that can't come soon enough, carving their dreams in stone, training to be stone masons. in a work shop in jordan they are learning how to restore what war destroyed. taught by an englishman on a mission. >> we try to create a cadre of tradesmen who are able to return to syria and cascade skills. on to unskilled tradesmen. >> reporter: they are trying to reverse this. isis destroyed ancient stonework, blew up historic buildings, left the roman city of palmyra in ruins. the students fled into exile into camps with
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nothing. the most remarkable thing is that none of them had ever picked up a chisel before. >> i have never held a chisel. >> so the housewives, taxi drivers, market traders, goodness knows what. this is probably the work of our most able student, a man who clearly with a great deal of talent. no artistic training, nothing. >> reporter: he fled homs six years ago. i want to be one of the first people back he says because if we rebuild it no one else will. this lady fled her home in aleppo, its buildings once the jewels of the ancient world. a city i saw ruined by years of war. >> if you have seen it before you will have too much heart ache. >> reporter: a city she wants to see rise from the rubble. >> this is the most important thing for my country, my culture, my heritage.
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>> reporter: jordan is now their classroom. they take heritage field trips to be inspired, to admire. they are learning from experts born a thousand years ago, learning from them how to rebuild syria. >> where does one make a start? i often think exactly that. what is the point of this? the point is it is a beginning. >> reporter: so five hours a day they study and one blow at a time hammer a new future for themselves and they hope for syria. bill neely, nbc news, jordan. >> just remarkable. still ahead a government warning about dog food, how certain types may actually do more harm than good.
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we are back now with news all of you dog owners will want to hear. it is about certain foods that could be causing heart disease in your pet. maya rodry gez rodriguez takes a look at a new warning. >> reporter: when it comes to playing in the backyard, michael wilson's dog knows no bounds. >> he's my best friend. we go everywhere. >> reporter: he doesn't look it now, but last year arrow almost died. >> he was really lethargic and didn't want to play. >> reporter: he
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brought him to the north carolina state college of veterinary medicine. >> the function is really poor. >> reporter: she started noticing an unusual number of dogs with a form of heart disease not usually seen in mixed or small breeds, nearly three dozen sharing the same symptoms like these, trouble breathing and causing, but also something else. >> the dietary ingredients is what they had in common. >> reporter: the food and drug administration is warning of a potential linc between -- link between free dog food and certain diseases. the agency is not naming specific brands but says owners ou studying, but suspect some cases could be ingredients. linked to a deficiency vets are still in an amino acid critical to canine heart health. what should dog owners look for on a label for dog food? >> i usually recommend a diet that is based in grain and one that uses common well-established protein sources. >> reporter: turns out michael wilson had
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been feeding arrow a boutique brand of dog food that was grain free. >> i thought what i was doing was correct and good for him. it turned out to be the opposite. of what i should have been doing. >> reporter: once he changed the diet and got him treatment the heart disease began to reverse itself putting arrow back on the path to a healthy life. maya rodriguez, nbc news, durham, north carolina. and in a moment, how he is going to make it so. patrick stewart's big announcement about his most famous role.
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i am captain picard of the federation starship enterprise. >> that is sir patrick stewart in his most
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famous role. fans of "star trek" got a treat this weekend when stewart announced he would return as captain picard would return in a new "star trek" show. he first began playing the captain all the way back in 1987. and a high school teacher from cincinnati will have quite a story to tell his students about his summer vacation. bryce carlson arrived in england late yesterday after rowing solo and unassisted across the atlantic ocean. he did so in 38 days, 6 hours and 49 minutes -- but who's counting -- saying it was a record for a solo crossing from west to east. his boat is just 20 feet long. that is an impressive summer project. when we come back, honoring the memory of a child by helping to save the lives of others.
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finally tonight, how one family has turned heartbreak into hope to prevent others from losing a child to the condition known as sudden infant death syndrome. kristen dahlgren reports on how it became one mother's mission. >> reporter: kipp roberts was two months old, the second son of grant roberts and wife, jana. >> he was my baby. he was a miracle baby from the beginning. >> reporter: he was healthy, happy and then one morning kip didn't wake up. doctors called it sudden infant death syndrome. >> he said there is nothing we can do and it was sids. i was like, what is sids? >> reporter: the unexplained death of a seemingly healthy baby and the leading cause of death among infants in the first year of life. >> you are not supposed to lose your child. you are not supposed to bury them at 9 weeks old or pick out
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an urn. >> reporter: in her search for answers, she found others in pain. and then she found this monitor, a small sock that sounds an alarm when the baby's breathing or heart rate slows. it doesn't claim to prevent sids but she knew she wanted to donate them to other families through kipp's kindness. >> if i can save one family then that was something he was meant for. >> reporter: one of those families was the harpers who now credit kipp's kindness with it was a red alert. i came to her room and she wasn't breathing. >> reporter: the two moms recently met for the first time. >> we are extremely grateful and thankful. i don't think i would ever know how to repay you. >> reporter: one year after kipp's death they have partnered to donate over 100 monitors. she hopes it's just the beginning. and speaking of beginnings, the roberts just adopted a
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newborn, a little boy who will grow up knowing all about his big brother, kipp and the kindness his legacy continues to spread. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. headland, alabama. >> what a gift all around. that is nbc nightly news for this sunday night. lester holt will be in tomorrow. you want to see his exclusive interview on spike lee on the eve of the release of his film. i'm kristen welker, for all of us here at nbc news, have a great night. we continue to follow bg
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right now at six o'clock. we continue to follow breaking news out of corn california. five people are dead after a plane crash. that plane flew out of the bay area. >> the news starts now. good evening, everyone. new video and new details tonight about the deadly scene in the southern california mall parking lot. we were live in the took off. >> the plane left this airport in concord at 10:25 this morning. the pilot made


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